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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the cycNetwork Service.

If you are using cycNetwork, you must accept our terms and condition.

Member  Rights & Process:

Terms applied to Worker and  Employer


You must be at least 18 years old to participate in cycNetwork Services.

  • Member must signup with legal name and real details.
  • Member need to verify their email by email link sent to them.
  • Member can make one account only. (Using Multiple Accounts will terminate your all accounts)
  • Member will accept the job only which they are capable to do. No spam, if something wrong in job submit a ticket to us about the job.
  • Don't send any false proof in the submit box.
  • Member can do the job which is available to their country or internationally.
  • Member need to reach withdraw amount limit before withdraw funds.
  • Members will be auto banned if system detect any try to fake referral or signup two accounts. 
  • Members will be auto banned if systems detect any illegal activity.
  • Member need to maintain their success rate by satisfied and not satisfied jobs.
  • No any spam, any illegal comment to employer or any business partner offers will result in account termination.
  • Member must verify identity to become verified with Legal documents & address proof with PIN in order to make sure the original person is participating in our system.
  • Member must verify mobile number in order to participate in our system.


Member Can:

  • Member can be an Employer and can be workers with same account.
  • Member can do a job for others even he/she is employer.
  • Member can generate a Voucher code (non-withdraw able) from withdraw able amount only.
  • Member can buy coupons from Support team for giving Bonus/Tip to Good workers.
  • Member can invite friends by using invite a friend option.
  • Member can invite friend by using their referral link.
  • Member can send only one Withdraw Request at the time.
  • Member can Use all type of Funds (including signup bonus) to Start a Campaign.
  • Member can start a campaign by paying or can pay later campaign will be active after payment.
  • Member can sell his/her services, offers or products.



Member Can't:

  • Members are not allowed to make another account if already signup with an email, legal name (including pending, active, Fake Referral account)
  • Member can't change the email and country after signup.
  • Member can't withdraw Signup Bonus.
  • Member can't start another campaign if there is non paid Campaign exist.
  • Member can't make another account with their own referral link.
  • Member can't use proof input for any marketing purpose or spamming employers.


You are agree, you have read complete guideline before do any job or start a campaign.


Job Posting Terms:

We want cycNetwork a clean and best e-workers platform where employers get maximum best results so you must follow these rules in order to submit any campaign.

Acceptable & Not Acceptable:

We do not approve Campaigns asking Workers to:

  • Complete too many tasks in a single Campaign.
  • Promote any illegal activities.
  • Click ads/pop ups, Complete an Offer/Survey, Unlock a page, Earn points/credits, Refresh page X times, Reload, Browse X pages, Play games, etc in order to finish an initial task.
  • Spam or harm another website or person.
  • Promote Violent/Violence-related content or programs.
  • Money exchanging between payment systems.
  • Use of any credit cards info or any bank details.
  • Paid signups.
  • Trial signups that require credit card.
  • Creating fake review of services or products.

We DO NOT support campaigns involving the following websites/programs/requests:

000Webhost, Sharecash, Cleanfiles, Uploadables, PayPal Wishlist, Lockerz, CrocMint, FreebieJeebies, AWSurveys, IM Report Card, Neobux, Any campaign that include Porn/Adult content, ALL Dating, Programs Registration, Cash Gopher, OnBux,Yelp,Craigslist, Amazon, Angielist, Stellar, Google Adsense.


Submitting a Job terms:

  • You must have done the task as per employer instructions.
  • You have done what was needed.
  • No spam or any illegal comments to employer, any abuse words or threat.
  • If any employer wants to spent time on website you must follow the time duration in order to get paid.
  • You can't submit the fake proof.
  • You can't submit the unnecessary comments to employers.
  • You can't submit any illegal or personal info, credit card info, payment details, contact details in proof.

Verification Terms:

We have a powerful system for SPAM control and against Fake Account registration, in case of any Fake account / multiple account we'll immediately terminate account without notice.

  1. For verification we would need your Personal Identity via PIN code at your address
  2. National ID card
  3. Student ID Card
  4. Driver's License
  5. Proof of Address via Electricity Bills / Internet bills
    / bank statements

This verification ensures both Advertisers / Employers that cycNetwork is really provide quality services.


Refund Terms:

If you have deposited funds via Paypal / Skrill / Credit Card you can request withdraw, we'll refund the amount but the deposit fee will not be refunded as per service charges and cycNetwork Terms. If you run any campaign you can't submit refund request you can use the funds to withdraw using the withdraw options.

(Creative Youth Team……)



 Best Regards:
cycNetwork The Leading Freelancing platform

for detailed guildeline please read our Guidline and faq

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